Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Stay Away From Rabbit

Well, I'm 20!  Great birthday last week.  So this past week was good and bad in parts. The bad first. My companion and the sister missionaries and I have all wanted to eat cuy (Guinea Pig) so our investigator Bryan made us some cuy....but it turned out to be rabbit....he fed us rabbit and it was so gross haha it kinda made us all sick all week but that was good because now I can say that I have eaten rabbit and never have to eat it again! 

My new companion who I am training is scared at times to talk in front of people (and sometimes so am I) but I decided to be a good example for him so this past week we talked while riding on the bus here and preached in front of like 50 people each time and it was so scary haha!  The first time the bus hit a huge bump going like 20 mph and I fell over and it was so funny but it felt good to preach and share our testimonies in front of a bunch of people!  Also we had a pretty weird lesson this past week. We have a family here that has been investagating the church for 5 months and we somehow in our lesson started to talk about baptizme and baptizms in the temple and they told us that our church was not true because there isn't water in Africa to baptize people and they told us to stop coming by....so yeah that was weird haha!  

Some good news now.  We might have a baptizme this week!  He actually hasn't had really any lessons but he has everything else that he needs! So we are going to go hard this week and teach everything so that we can maybe get a baptizme this week here in Cuenca!  That would be so awesome!  Other than that the work here is going along and we are really trying to talk to everyone we see and it seems to be going well!  Our goal this week is to talk to 84 people as a district and get some awesome new investagators!  Last night, we had a family night lesson with about 20 members and I taught the lesson.  It was a little scary but it all went well!

We went to the mall today for pday because I was hoping to buy a new suit.  They didn't have my size in the pants so that was a bummer.  

Well, I hope all is well back home!  If you have some time read 3rd Nephi chapter 5!  I like it a lot!

Con Amor,
Elder Hoole

Also the new Transformers movie looks like it will be so cool hahaha!!!

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