Monday, March 27, 2017


Hola mis amigos en E.E. U.U.. Hope all is going well for you all back home!  I hear it is raining a lot back home.  I can relate to the rain.  It rains a lot here lately, and I mean A LOT!  haha  My new companion's name is Elder Reinel and he is from Lima, Peru.  He's been out a few months less than I have.

Well, this last week was very interesting!  First, the ward put on an activity on Friday night - a showing of the movie MEET THE MORMONS and we had 5 investigators show up to it!  I was hoping for 1 or 2!  It was awesome! The members here help us out so much!  The members here are full chevere (super awesome)!  Without them we would not have any success!  So yeah the movie was a BIG hit!  And then on Saturday night, the mom and daughter from the Familia Garcia went to the General Women's Conference!  They are really starting to progress more and more everyday!  

Speaking about General Conference...this week we get to hear from our Prophet and other leaders from the church!  I, myself before the mission, did not so much enjoy watching all of the General Conference sessions but here in the mission I am so PUMPED!  However, I also probably won't understand anything, for it will be in Spanish and yeah, mi espaƱol es mas o menos ahora jaja.  But really my Spanish has really improved a lot!

Also, for this week we are hoping and praying that one of our investigators gets married!  That would be so dope to have another marriage here! 

All is well! 
Miss ya´ll so much!
And would love to hear from you!

Con Amor,
Elder Hoole

p.s. Shout Out to all my bros out in the mission!  The Church is true!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

New Companion!

Well, this last week has been great!  All the zones got to go to the Temple!  And man was it awesome!  Now I have never been a really spiritual person, but man here in the mission hahah you change (for the good).  At the temple I just started to cry and i was praying and I had a runny nose haha it was so bad.  But I have never in my life felt the spirit so strong in my life!  I know with all my heart that this Church is true!  The temple is the house of the Lord and I promise that if we follow the Lord's teachings and Endure to the End, we can live with Him and with our families forever!  How cool is that! 
Well, yesterday we had a great baptism!  Johnathan!  He is 13 years old and after the baptism he bore his testimony and said he can't wait to serve a mission!  How dope is that!  It was such a great experience!
I also got a new companion today!  He is from Lima Peru!  He only has been out 3 months here in the mission and I have 5.  haha we will have to work hard! 
All is well with me here!  It has been hard, but it has gotten better!  Spanish is still killer.  Gave a talk yesterday in church and I felt like I did a pretty good job!  Just have to keep working hard!

Hope all is well back home!  Love you all!

Con amor
Elder Hoole

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Photos - Last Week's Baptism

Update - March 13, 2017

Well, this week was interesting!  We had intercambios (splits) and I spent the day with the District Leader in my sector and man, I was on my own for everything!  It was so hard jajaj.  My goodness is this hard hahah!!!  But I learned so much this week!  We are trying to find as many new investigators as possible right now.  My companion will most likely leave when we have Changes next week so he is really trying to hook me up with a lot of new investigators.  Funny story from this past week:  We were teaching this kid in the street and some lady on some serious drugs came up to me and kissed me on the check haha!  It happened all so fast and it was by far the grossest thing that has ever happened to me!!!  My companion just laughed at me.  Haha but all is well from it. She just tapped my shoulder and BAM.  I was so scared haha!!!  So yes not a lot has happened this week.  We are still working with the Familia Garcia and they have yet to come to church which is a huge bummer.  However, we are still teaching some others and we are hoping for 2 baptisms this week!  Pray that they happen!

All is well!
Love you all!
Con Amor,
Elder Hoole

5 Months

5 MONTHS in the MISSION!  Wow!  These last 5 months have been something else haha!  For sure they have been the hardest 5 months of my life!  Harder than any football or lacrosse game or conditioning test I have ever had and for sure harder than any test or class I have taken in school.... but man, have these last 5 months been so rewarding!  At times, it has felt sooooo slow haha but looking back it has gone by fast! 

This past week we had a baptizime! Johana!  She has been investigating the church for 10 years and 2 weeks ago she was married and this last Saturday she was baptized and confirmed a member in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!  How awesome is that!  Think about all the great missionaries who have taught her and finally she was baptized!  It was such a great experience!  The Familia Garcia has yet to come to church and it is killing me but all you can do is have faith and keep inviting them.  We do have 2 baptisms scheduled for next Saturday!  A 9 year old boy named Mateo - his Grandpa is a member.  And another boy named Pier who is 15!  Hopefully these can follow through and happen! 

Spanish is still killer haha.  Yes, kids who have just gotten out to the mission can speak better Spanish than me haha!  I try my best not to compare but it is so hard not to do that! lol  I just have to keep working hard! 

Thanks for all the love and emails!  Miss you all so much! (and America haha)

Hope all is well! 
1 Nehi 1
Con Amor 
Elder Maxwell D. Hoole
Go Utes

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New Photos!



Well, we had a wedding last week!  It was so awesome!  This lady has been investigating the church for the past 10 years and this past week she finally got married, so now this week she will finally be able to get baptized!  We are so excited and happy!  It should be a great time!  

We are struggling though with our other investigators. The great family we found, the familia Garcia, they keep telling us that they will come to church and they haven't been at all yet!  It is so stressful jaja  but I have faith that this Sunday they will be coming! 

All is well down here in Ecuador!  The country had a 3 day water fight so for the past 3 days we have been cooped up in our very hot house with nothing to do but watch the movie MEET THE MORMONS haha!  I did watch it a good 3 times and I have to say my favorite part is when they show Utah when the Elder is about to leave on his mission!  Hahah What a great movie. 

If you have the time, I would highly suggest you watch the movie "The Mountain of The Lord!"  That too is a great church movie about the Salt Lake Temple!

So yeah, not too much has happened the last week!  We did today have a Zone meeting and I finally received a package from my mom!  It is awesome!!!  Big news - our mission got its first Senior Missionary Couple!  They are from Long Beach, California and they are awesome! 

Hope all is going well back home! 
Love to hear from EACH of you!

Con amor
Elder Hoole

Gracias for the love and support!