Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Working and Preaching in Cuenca

Another rapido week here!

This week was so fast!  We started off by helping some guy move a pile of rocks to another pile of rocks and it was a super waste of time haha but it's good to serve...I guess haha. 

This week, we also worked a lot better with members and with them helping us by coming to lessons!  It was awesome!  Our convert, Hermano German from the DR who has been a member for 4 weeks, came with me and then my companion went to a different lesson with the Bishop.  So my lesson with Hermano German and me was sooo awesome!  I started to talk about our faith and the gospel and then German just took over and just started to preach like he'd been in the mission for 3 years and it was so dope!!!!!  I just sat there smiling!  It was so great! Such a powerful convert and not only that he also taught Elder's Quorum this past week about the Priesthood and it was awesome too! So that was really cool!

I had a really powerful experience with my companion this week too. He's new in the mission and only has been out here 8 or so weeks, and this week he told me that he didn't really have a testimony about the church. So yes, I was pretty shocked... and at first I didn't know what to say and do....I just sat there for a few minutes, and then BOOM I just started to preach to the kid and pulled out scriptures for him to read, and I was like, "Dude, you need to go pray and pray like the Prophet Enos in the Book of Mormon!"  It was so awesome and powerful and then yeah he did that and went and prayed and after he did it, he told me that he got an answer! It was awesome!

It reminded me of my mom when I told her that I wasn't gonna play football my Junior year in high school and she really preached to me that I should!  Man, moms are awesome!  GO mommy!  I love you! 

That's about it for last week!  We have a family home evening tonight and they want us to teach about Marriage... can you say TRUNKY!!!  haha But yeah, it should be fun and also really funny haha! 

This week we are blessed to have Zone Conference again with President!  He wants us all to come prepared and having read Alma 31, 32, and 33!  Maybe y'all can too!

Thanks for all!

Con amor
Elder Hoole


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Walk Up the Mountain

Hello mi Friend!

Well, this was a really good work week!  (finally)  We talked with a lot of people and 1 person finally came to church!  It was awesome!  We also started the week with 1 baptisme date, but we ended with 4 people that have committed to get baptized in the coming weeks!  It was awesome!  It was way hard work this week, but we also had some fun.  

We (well, I) decided to walk up the mountain in our sector this past week and it took us 2 hours hahah!  I was telling my companion to always remember this moment because we are the first missionaries to walk here ever, and then I told him when we arrived at the top that we were also the last because there was no way we were going to do that again hahah!  It really was so hard!  I was dying and so was my companion haha!!!  The best thing was that we found at the top of the mountain a nice lady who was like 100 years old who had her own farm with a ton of ducks and dogs.  So we decided we had been sent there to talk to her about the church... she couldn't read but she had so much faith in the gospel message!  It was so dope!  We started to talk to her about how God knows her and that she will live with Him again and after we talked with her, she started to cry so much and it was so sad but also so cool to teach her!  But yeah, I really don't think we will be going on any more hikes to the top of the Ecuador mountains.  However, it was super cool and the lady was super nice and said we could come back whenever we wanted to. So yeah that was an awesome part of my week! 

It's also way more fun living with 2 other gringos that lived 20 minutes from me back home in UTAH!  It's great because we all know the same people and we are such good buddies.  The weather here really makes me think of home and then I ate Captain Crunch cereal this week and it made me miss home a little bit too!!! hahah

The work here is going really well!  If you have some time this week, please read Alma chapter 48 in the Book of Mormon.

Thanks for the love and support!

To my friends heading out on their missions:  good luck to all the new missionaries going out!  You'll need it haha lol!!!

Con Amor
Elder Hoole

Monday, July 31, 2017

The Middle of the World

Another great week here in the middle of the world! 

Well, again, none of our investagators came to church... that is always super hard on me... we work hard all week...and...BAM!  Nobody comes haha, but that's ok!  This week will (I hope) be a lot better!  Last week we had a goal to talk to 100 people and yeah, Satan knew that goal and he did everything he could do to make sure that goal didn't get completed. Usually we talk to lots of people while we are riding on the buses and this week, every time we tried to talk to people the bus driver freaked out at us and wouldn't let us talk!  Also, the weather was super rainy this week so not too many people were really out and about!  But we did talk to a good handful and we are working a lot better with the members!  We have some good goals to get people to come to church with us this week.

We did set a new bautismo fecha!!! Se llama Fabian! He's 24 and he's the guy who works in the cyber (computer room) in the street! The goal is 19th of agosto!  We have some good faith that it will go through!  He just needs help to come to church with us at least 1 more time!  

Other than that, I ate a really good hamburger this week and today for p-day we helped move a gringo family into a new house here!  Have to admit, it was super weird to be around English speaking people!  So yeah, all is well here!  Just gotta find some people to teach!  The goal as a district is to have 16 fechas para 13 de agosto!  That's 4 for every companionship!  I know we can do it! 

So yeah, all is well with me here!  Thanks for the love and support and for going on summer trips without me haha! Thanks for the great letters from my family and the Roes!!!  Loved it!!!!

Elder Hoole

P.S. I hit 10 months this week!  

Monday, July 24, 2017

Happy Pioneer Day!


Well this week was what I like to call a mas o menos type of week!  A lot of good happened and also a lot of bad happened.. First the good news!  We had Zone Conference this last week and it was awesome! We talked a lot about how we can each individually become more like Christ right now in our lives, so that as we continue to get older our lives will be better and we can rely on Him.  It was an awesome talk and made me think!  I love Presidente Moreno and his family!  I always feel so good after he talks!  So that was super awesome!  Also one of the wards here in Cuenca is just gringos so they threw a party for Pioneer Day and it was so fun!  We had some investagadors go and we watched 17 milagros! Love that movie! (I forgot how to spell milagros en english jajaj) So that had a great turn out, but it was outside and it started to rain, so it kind of killed everything.  However, after that my companion and the Zone Leaders and I bought Mandingos!!! (a 2 foot long hot dog for 2 dollars) and it was so yummy!  jajaja!  

But yeah now the bad...This week was way hard! I got yelled at a lot and nobody came to church! Super sad but I hope this week will be better!  Elder Bolen (our Zone Leader) ended the mission today and it was so sad to say goodbye to him!  haha If you're down in Provo and see an Alex Bolen tell him I say hi!  So yeah that was way sad and also nobody came to church and that is always a huge bummer!  Right now, we don't have too many people to teach. This week our goal is to talk to 100 people!  Yeah, it probs won't happen but if it does I'm buying us all pizza! jaja 

So yeah basically all is well with me right now!  Hopefully this week will be better! 

Gracias por la amor! Les Amo mucho! 

Con Amor 

Elder Hoole


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bad English!

This week was very bad ENGLISH!!!  Hahaha  2 times this week we knocked on doors and they only knew English and I will tell you what, I have no idea how to contact people in English. It sounds so weird and funny to talk about the Gospel in English to me now (I guess that's why I'm speaking Spanish haha), but yes, let's just say I hope the next person I street contact who speaks English forgives me for my bad English speaking skills hahaha! 

Well, this last week was also very awesome because we had 2 awesome full chevere baptisms!  Se llaman German and Juan!  The baptisms were awesome and we had a lot of support from the ward members here! My little child (the new elder I am now training) had the awesome opportunity to baptize German and it was so great! Now our goal is to contact full and find some new people to teach!  SO...yeah this past week was awesome and now President Moreno is coming up to Cuenca this week for a Zone Conference and that means we will get to have a lunch without RICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

All is well right now! This is the last week that Elder Bolen will be in the mission (he is currently our Zone Leader) so we will be eating very well every night during the week!  We also have a great investigator right now, se llama Fabian and he is 24 years old and loves the church!  So the great missionaries who are currently learning in the Mexico MTC teach him with us over Skype and that is so crazy and so fun! 

All is well with me right now! Thanks for the love and support! 

Elder Hoole


Monday, July 10, 2017

Update from Cuenca!

Week 600 in Ecuador...I think. LOL

Well, this past week was a pretty good week!  We have found some really great investigators lately and that has been a huge answer to our prayers!   Last week, I had to buy a new pen so we went into a store and the kid that was working there was really interested in the church and told us that he really wanted to change his life, so we set a time to come back and visit with him. Well, we went back and he had been on LDS.org and on other websites from our church, and had even been chatting with the online missionaries about the church!  So yeah it was awesome!  So my companion and I invited him to get baptized and he said yes!  He came to church this past week and he was so confused but he loved it and he even knew some of the members!  It was so great!!!  

Well, we got some of our investigators here interviewed by President and this week we will finally have 2 awesome baptisms for sure!  Se llaman German from the DR and Juan from Cuenca!  We are so excited!  

All is well right now!  My companion is a really good kid. He has so many questions about the church and he is a fun guy to be around! 

That's about all for this week!  I also did hit 9 months last week!  ESO!!!  haha 

Thanks for the love and support!

Elder Hoole

Thursday, July 6, 2017



Well all is well right now for me in the middle of the Earth! This last week was a bit sad. We almost had a baptism this week but it didn't happen! Our investigator thinks he needs a few more weeks and just didn't feel ready! So that put a huge damper on our week but we did find 3 new investigators this week and set 2 new baptism dates! So that was a great highlight! The work here is coming and it's great to see the progress!  We have an investigator who is moving to New York City soon, so hopefully Elder Budge can meet up with him there!  We have a new investigator from the DR next to Haiti!  And he loves Utah Jazz basketball and hates the RED SOX so I have a great time talking with him!

Yesterday my companion and I taught the Elder's Quorum class about the importance of going to the temple. It was a great lesson I felt like and the members shared some great stories about the temple for them!  Other than that not much has happened this week. Super normal and super fast!  I HIT 9 MONTHS THIS WEEK!  That is super crazy and super fast!  I have learned so so so much.  Right now my favorite chapter in the Book Of Mormon is Moroni 7! So many great things to learn from that chapter!  

Well thank you for the love, the support, and the emails!  Hope all is well back home!

Con mucho amor
Elder Hoole

Yummy lunch food!  No rice!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Stay Away From Rabbit

Well, I'm 20!  Great birthday last week.  So this past week was good and bad in parts. The bad first. My companion and the sister missionaries and I have all wanted to eat cuy (Guinea Pig) so our investigator Bryan made us some cuy....but it turned out to be rabbit....he fed us rabbit and it was so gross haha it kinda made us all sick all week but that was good because now I can say that I have eaten rabbit and never have to eat it again! 

My new companion who I am training is scared at times to talk in front of people (and sometimes so am I) but I decided to be a good example for him so this past week we talked while riding on the bus here and preached in front of like 50 people each time and it was so scary haha!  The first time the bus hit a huge bump going like 20 mph and I fell over and it was so funny but it felt good to preach and share our testimonies in front of a bunch of people!  Also we had a pretty weird lesson this past week. We have a family here that has been investagating the church for 5 months and we somehow in our lesson started to talk about baptizme and baptizms in the temple and they told us that our church was not true because there isn't water in Africa to baptize people and they told us to stop coming by....so yeah that was weird haha!  

Some good news now.  We might have a baptizme this week!  He actually hasn't had really any lessons but he has everything else that he needs! So we are going to go hard this week and teach everything so that we can maybe get a baptizme this week here in Cuenca!  That would be so awesome!  Other than that the work here is going along and we are really trying to talk to everyone we see and it seems to be going well!  Our goal this week is to talk to 84 people as a district and get some awesome new investagators!  Last night, we had a family night lesson with about 20 members and I taught the lesson.  It was a little scary but it all went well!

We went to the mall today for pday because I was hoping to buy a new suit.  They didn't have my size in the pants so that was a bummer.  

Well, I hope all is well back home!  If you have some time read 3rd Nephi chapter 5!  I like it a lot!

Con Amor,
Elder Hoole

Also the new Transformers movie looks like it will be so cool hahaha!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Cuenca - Birthday and Photos!


Well, this week has been awesome, crazy, very fast, and funny!  So first, as you know I am training and my son's name is Elder Quintana and he's from Lima Peru.  He is so cute and little and has so many questions!  I make sure to help him in anyway that I can!  He is a sweet and nice kid!  So training so far has been dope! 

Also this week we had Stake Conference here and it was great!  The Guayaquil Temple President came up and spoke to the stake of Cuenca and so did our Mission President!  Great talks for sure.  So when I went to church on Sunday, all of the HEFY (Humanitarian Especially For Youth program) kids were there and that was super weird to talk to people from Utah here!  hahah  But it was awesome! 

Well today is my birthday so big shout out to everyone that wished me a happy birthday!  Yes, it made my day! Yesterday at the church here the sister missionaries and the ward threw me a birthday party and it was so fun!  The ward here is great and really hard working!  My new companion and I are really working hard and training to find those people who are ready to hear the gospel!

Today we went to centro de Cuenca to shop and walk around and we found these hats (see photo) hahah!  I ate the best crepes today and we had pizza too.  Oh also, with the Spanish accent my last name sounds like HULK so everyone here calls me Elder Hulk hahah, so the sister missionaries bought me an Incredible Hulk action figure for my birthday!!! haha 

Not much else has happened here.  It is getting a lot colder and yesterday I ate cow stomach hahah! 

Welp hope all is well!

Con Amor
Elder Hoole

Fur hats!

 Cuenca monument

 Birthday cake and soda

 Birthday poster from companion and sister missionaries

 Chips, guacamole, cake and treats!

 Elder HULK 

 The best crepes ever!


Ecuador style hoodie

Good Bye Dinner with last companion

Dinner with companion and member

Missionary selfies!


View of the city of Cuenca

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Finding and Training in Cuenca

Well, this week was a pretty good week!  My companion had his last week in the mission and all the members wanted to take us to dinner and talk about the mission, so this past week I ate the best food that I have eaten the whole mission!  It was awesome!  

The work this week was so so.  We lost a baptizme date.  Se llama Brayan.  He is so awesome and loves to talk with us and he owns a restaurant and also hooks us up with free food all the time, but this last week he told us some stuff and yeah he needs a few more weeks to prepare!  But he is so awesome and he also just got a puppy and it is so cute!  Also we have a great new investigador!  Se llama Juan!  Yeah, we talked with him yesterday and his wife is a member and now he wants to learn and join the church in order to be married in the temple with his wife and he is a pretty cool dude, but we think maybe he's just getting baptized to make his wife happy.  But that's ok because a happy wife is a happy life right? haha! 

Well, also this week the APs called us and they told us who has transfers and what not, and they made me District Leader and also I will be training!  I am so excited and so scared haha but it should be awesome! I leave in the morning to Guayaquil to pick up my son (new trainee) and have training and then travel right back here to Cuenca for probably the next 4 months!  I am so excited for all of this, and also because we got a new Zone Leader!  Elder Roberts from Alta High!  He is so dope!  We all live together and it is going to be awesome!  All in all I am really doing well! 

P.S. Just a reminder...next week is my birthday haha

Con Amor +
Elder Hoole

Everyone!  Also Read Moroni 7 in the Book of Mormon!  I love it! 

Monday, June 5, 2017

8 Months Down in Ecuador!

Well, today I hit my 8th month mark!  Crazy how fast time is going!  Later this month I will turn 20 years old!  HOLY COW!  I have learned so much these last 8 months and can't wait to learn some more! 

Well, this past week was pretty hard.  We almost had a baptism!  Unfortunately, she talked to some people who were full of untruths about the church and now she has lost her testimony and doesn't care to listen to us anymore.  So that was really hard this week, but we are going to have the sister missionaries return and teach her this week and see if that helps at all!  I really hope so!  Her name is Kerly and she's so awesome!  I really hope it all works out!  We also have another great investigador named Kevin and he is just a bro!  He is so awesome!  He is 31 years old and is so funny and he owns a restaurant and hooks us up with food. This last Sunday he came to church and he was so mad that the bread with the Sacrament didn't come with ham and cheese haha it was so funny!  The whole ward welcomed him in to the church and it was awesome! 

Other than that not much has happened. The other Elders and I have had a couple of sleepovers the past week, just talking about the mission and life. Every Elder in the house goes home either next week or next month so yeah the house is a little trunky and it has been hard for me haha but all is well!  This week should hopefully be better! We really need to find some more people to teach!  Pray for us!

Hope all is well!  I am SO happy to hear about Bob Paulson and the Paulson Familia! 

Con Amor
Elder Hoole

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Mountains of Ecuador

Well, another week here in the mountains of Ecuador!  This week went by very fast!  Our sector here is huge!  From the starting point of our sector to the end is 4 hours big!  IT IS MASSIVE!  It's only my companion and me and 2 other sister missionaries!  So yeah, we travel a lot on bus and I am for sure going to get lost here when my companion leaves in 2 weeks to go home haha but all will be well! 

This week we taught one of our investigadors who's only 17.  She has 2 kids and her husband tried to jump the fence into the US last month and is in jail.  Super sad.  But all is well with her here and she has a date to get baptized in 2 weeks!  Going to be awesome!  Another one of our investigadors has been investigating the church for 1 year and she had some doubts about the Book of Mormon.  However, she prayed last week to see if it was true and she got an answer right after!  So tonight we are going to invite her to be baptized next week.  Hope it goes well!  The work up here is hard sometimes haha!  I get yelled at a lot by people who don't wanna listen to us and I also feel like I'm a missionary in the US at times because we teach in English every once in a while! 

So Cuenca is a very pretty place, but yeah I actually get cold here and that is such a huge change from being in Guayaquil for 7 months!  Cold is awesome!  There are still areas here where the Ecuadoreans are living like native Incans.  We don't really go to those areas though.  Today we went to a lookout place at the top of a mountain and we could look down and see the whole city!  It was awesome!  Then we went to the mall and it's just like malls in the US, with American music playing too!

Also, this past week our Ward Mission Leader took us out to get ice cream and it was a knock off of Cold Stone and so good!  Last week I bought pizza for everyone in our house so that we could celebrate our US holiday of Memorial Day.  It was great!!!  We had a Zone Conference this past week with President Moreno and it was great.  And I think I saw Cole Butcher in the Ensign haha!  Man, the Conference issue of the Ensign made me so trunky with all of the pics of Utah!  Yesterday at church I talked with a guy who is from here but he lived in Utah for 20 years.  So awesome to talk with him!

All is well with me!  Thanks for the emails and prayers and love!

Con Amor 

Elder Hoole


Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Well, another week up here in Cuenca and man, this place is like a completely different world!  It is super Catholic, very rich, cold, very safe and really pretty.  It feels like I'm legit serving a mission in the US.  However, the work here is a lot harder and sometimes very depressing.  Nobody cares to listen to us, and we get yelled at sometimes, but my companion and I have fun with it!  We do have some great investigators here though and the members here are great!  They help us so much and are just awesome!  The second counselor in the mission presidency is in our ward and his family is awesome!  We went to their house yesterday and had hot chocolate and cake and it was so delicious!  

I have yet to see some Cuye (Guinea Pig), yes the people here in Cuenca eat Guinea Pig haha!  So that is a little weird, but I do have our Papito making it for us this week!  Haha should be yummy!  We have a Papito here (a dad who cooks us lunch everyday) and he lived in the United States for 8 years and makes us killer American food!  So that is awesome!  Our sector here is huge!  It is legit a 4th of the city, I swear, and we don't have a car or bike so that really blows!  We live with the Zone leaders and both of them go home in July and my companion goes home in three weeks, so our house is trunky at times, but we have had some fun! 

Here the cows just walk around and it's so cool!  I fed a baby cow this week!  And today for Pday we went and saw some llamas! 

Well, hope all is well back home!

Con Amor,
Elder Hoole

Monday, May 15, 2017

Big Change! I'm in CUENCA!!!


Well, this last week has been nothing but awesome and crazy!  I'll start from the beginning!  We had such a powerful baptizme on Saturday!  Hermana Maria!  She is so awesome!  Her faith and testimony are unreal!  After her confirmation on Sunday at church, she stood up in front of the congregation and bore a strong testimony.  She is amazing!  She lives in an area with a Catholic church across the street from her home, and one right next door, and she had never gone to either of them.  When we met with her and started teaching her, she agreed right away to start coming to our church.  And 3 weeks later, she is baptized!  Such great faith!

On Sunday morning, I got a phone call from my Zone leaders and they told me that I had transferes and I was so scared, but they told me that I was going to Cuenca!  So if you know anything about Ecuador, you know that Cuenca is the best place in the country (right after Galapagos) and man, I am so happy!  I loved my time in Guayaquil, but it was time for a change!  Cuenca is about 50-75 degrees everyday and rainy and safe and just super pretty!  My new companion, Elder Dures, has 23 months in the mission and is from Argentina.  We live with the Zone leaders in the coolest house haha (with warm water!!!).  They both return home in 2 months, so I am the youngest one here.  We also have 14 sister missionaries serving here in Cuenca.  Missionary work is hard. Working hard in football during high school has really helped me with working hard on my mission!

I had to travel 4 hours by myself this morning on a bus from Guayaquil (just like the bus we rode all over Europe last summer) and I will admit that I was lowkey a little scared, but all is well!  It was definitely one of the prettiest drives I have ever been on!  Funny thing, I took a lot of my clothes to be fixed because I have lost weight and they are too big, and I couldn't pick them up before I left Guayaquil!  So I should get them back in June!  hahahaha

Here are some pics of some of the yummy food that I have had lately at members' homes, the baptizme, and a visit to Isla Santay, as well as the bus ride to Cuenca and the city of Cuenca!  

Also Skype yesterday was awesome!  Loved seeing my family!  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOMMY!!!!!

Elder Hoole

 Macaroni and Cheese!!!

Ketchup on everything

My suitcases were filled with cockroaches yesterday!

Isla Santay

Isla Santay - notice the ferris wheel

beautiful sunset

baptizme of Hermana Maria

skyping with my family
Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!

At the Sernaque's home for dinner and skyping!
Such a great family!!!!!

On the bus ride to Cuenca

The mountains on the way to Cuenca

On the bus ride to Cuenca

Lake in the mountains


Cuenca view

My new home!

Wearing a sweatshirt!  It's cold!

P-Day clothes!  

Raining and wearing sweaters!!!