Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Working and Preaching in Cuenca

Another rapido week here!

This week was so fast!  We started off by helping some guy move a pile of rocks to another pile of rocks and it was a super waste of time haha but it's good to serve...I guess haha. 

This week, we also worked a lot better with members and with them helping us by coming to lessons!  It was awesome!  Our convert, Hermano German from the DR who has been a member for 4 weeks, came with me and then my companion went to a different lesson with the Bishop.  So my lesson with Hermano German and me was sooo awesome!  I started to talk about our faith and the gospel and then German just took over and just started to preach like he'd been in the mission for 3 years and it was so dope!!!!!  I just sat there smiling!  It was so great! Such a powerful convert and not only that he also taught Elder's Quorum this past week about the Priesthood and it was awesome too! So that was really cool!

I had a really powerful experience with my companion this week too. He's new in the mission and only has been out here 8 or so weeks, and this week he told me that he didn't really have a testimony about the church. So yes, I was pretty shocked... and at first I didn't know what to say and do....I just sat there for a few minutes, and then BOOM I just started to preach to the kid and pulled out scriptures for him to read, and I was like, "Dude, you need to go pray and pray like the Prophet Enos in the Book of Mormon!"  It was so awesome and powerful and then yeah he did that and went and prayed and after he did it, he told me that he got an answer! It was awesome!

It reminded me of my mom when I told her that I wasn't gonna play football my Junior year in high school and she really preached to me that I should!  Man, moms are awesome!  GO mommy!  I love you! 

That's about it for last week!  We have a family home evening tonight and they want us to teach about Marriage... can you say TRUNKY!!!  haha But yeah, it should be fun and also really funny haha! 

This week we are blessed to have Zone Conference again with President!  He wants us all to come prepared and having read Alma 31, 32, and 33!  Maybe y'all can too!

Thanks for all!

Con amor
Elder Hoole


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Walk Up the Mountain

Hello mi Friend!

Well, this was a really good work week!  (finally)  We talked with a lot of people and 1 person finally came to church!  It was awesome!  We also started the week with 1 baptisme date, but we ended with 4 people that have committed to get baptized in the coming weeks!  It was awesome!  It was way hard work this week, but we also had some fun.  

We (well, I) decided to walk up the mountain in our sector this past week and it took us 2 hours hahah!  I was telling my companion to always remember this moment because we are the first missionaries to walk here ever, and then I told him when we arrived at the top that we were also the last because there was no way we were going to do that again hahah!  It really was so hard!  I was dying and so was my companion haha!!!  The best thing was that we found at the top of the mountain a nice lady who was like 100 years old who had her own farm with a ton of ducks and dogs.  So we decided we had been sent there to talk to her about the church... she couldn't read but she had so much faith in the gospel message!  It was so dope!  We started to talk to her about how God knows her and that she will live with Him again and after we talked with her, she started to cry so much and it was so sad but also so cool to teach her!  But yeah, I really don't think we will be going on any more hikes to the top of the Ecuador mountains.  However, it was super cool and the lady was super nice and said we could come back whenever we wanted to. So yeah that was an awesome part of my week! 

It's also way more fun living with 2 other gringos that lived 20 minutes from me back home in UTAH!  It's great because we all know the same people and we are such good buddies.  The weather here really makes me think of home and then I ate Captain Crunch cereal this week and it made me miss home a little bit too!!! hahah

The work here is going really well!  If you have some time this week, please read Alma chapter 48 in the Book of Mormon.

Thanks for the love and support!

To my friends heading out on their missions:  good luck to all the new missionaries going out!  You'll need it haha lol!!!

Con Amor
Elder Hoole