Monday, January 30, 2017



Well, all is well with me down here in Sur America.  In my mission we have the Galapagos Islands. Those islands are famous for having so many different types of animals living on them that just don't really belong there.  Well, that is kind of like me in this foreign mission.  Just like those animals on those islands, they don't belong there BUT they have adapted their lives to live there!  I, too, have learned how to do that!  I now have been here about 12 weeks in Ecuador and man I have changed so much!  jaja  First, I am definitely a bit skinnier jaja yes, 20 pounds skinnier. And I am also learning a great new language!  So all is well with me!

This week was great!  We got new mission rules!  We will find out next week what they are, but today we got 10 hours for P-Day!  It is already so great! jajaja

Now for the mission work here...well, it is hard!  People make us promises, but they just can't keep them.  We all do this in life, but it is just hard seeing it while on a mission when you just want these amazing people to have the same blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ that we have.  They just don't follow through!  I have faith that this week will be better for them! 

IT RAINED a ton this last week which really cooled down the streets and it was nice for us when we were out walking around!

We are teaching a lot.  We still have a baptism coming up next Saturday!  Her name is Naomi and she is 13!  She is really such a great girl!  Our other investigators just need to come to church a few more times.  It is hard for them though because church starts at 8 am here and nobody wants to wake up!  jajaja  But with faith and the help of the Lord I know that they will start to come more often!

All is well!  It is so great to hear from everyone!  The support I feel is just awesome!!!

Thanks again for all of the love and support!

Con Amor, 
Elder Hoole

We have transfers next week!  I am hoping to stay one more transfer.

Please read Alma 37 this week in the Book of Mormon!  Thank you.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Hola Amigos!

***THANK YOU for all of your prayers for Elder Hoole!  We are so very grateful for all of you and your love and support of him.  He had a very difficult week (actually, month!) but he had faith that he would begin to feel better.  Our prayers were answered!  The doctor was able to get him on the correct medication and he is doing much better.  It's a wonderful miracle!***

Well, another week here in SUR America!  Man is it hot here jajaja! 

Well, I will start it off this week with the message that I am feeling a lot better!  Such a great blessing! Thank you everyone for the support and prayers!  It really means a lot!!!

Man...Ecuador... it is going!  jajaja  Well, we have a new baptism scheduled for February 11th!!  Naomi is 13 years old and it's been fun teaching her.  Her mom gave her permission to get baptized and it is so awesome!  Her cousin got baptized last Saturday, so that maybe sparked something in her mom's heart as well.  We all just felt awesome when her mom said yes! 

So last week I told you about the lady who was reading the lesson as we walked past.  Well, yeah, she isn't very interested but her son who is 32 is very interested in having us teach him! We are going to really work with him over these next few weeks!  We hope it all works out! 

Crazy about all the snow there.  I really miss it. Yesterday at lunch I asked the family to show me some cool places in Guayaquil and other parts of Ecuador because this place I am in is a little depressing and I needed some light of Ecuador!  lol  Man this place is guapa!  It is so beautiful!  Man, I miss football and the family but all is going well right now.  My spanish is slowly getting to be not as bad, but I will get it one day.  I just wish I could talk and help my companion out more in the lessons.  It is still so hard.  But I just keep going.  The first couple of weeks here I felt so alone.  I felt like I was going to be forgotten by all of y'all and die here and never see grass again or walk barefoot in my house haha but it is getting better!

Also, no surprise but legit none of my clothes shirts....none fit. hahahaha It's kinda funny!  You know, when you look good, you preach good...hahaha it is all fine. But yeah, I am a skinny boy now!

Well, that's really all for now!  We have a lot of meetings this week with all the zones in Guayaquil and our presidente!  It should be a lot of fun jajaja!
Hope all is well!
Con Amor
Elder Hoole

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January 16 ~ Hospitals and Fun


Well, this week was an adventure. I will start with the good. So we were walking the streets this past week and as we were walking by this one house I looked in (everyone leaves their doors and windows opened here because it is hot) and the night before we had visited that house and taught a great guy named Wilson who is about 28 years old.  He lives with his mom who is totally Catholic.  Anyway, as we were walking by I saw his mom with the First lesson that we had left with them from the night before and it was on her lap and her arms were folded and she was praying! Super cool!  We are going back tonight to talk with them.

Now to the bad. Well, my health has been poopy haha.  So Wednesday we went to the Doctor and they gave me some meds that where supposed to make me go #2 and nothing worked.  So Saturday morning we get a call and BAM they have me and my companion staying in the hospital for 2 days because of my health. It really sucked. We couldn't do any teaching and it was boring.  LOL.  My companion has been such a stud with my health problems!

Well that's about it. Sorry it is sooo short. No Mucho Tiempo Hoy.

Con Amor -
Elder Hoole

p.s. I love getting all of your emails and prayers for my health! Te Amo 

January 9 ~ Mayo in Ecuador


Well, I hit my 3 month mark in the mission this past week!  Man it has been hard, but it actually went by pretty fast! 

This last week was hard. We didn't get too many lessons in and it has been raining a ton! Kind of nice!  Anyway, fun fact for you - here in Ecuador they use Mayo like we use ranch or ketchup hahah  It's kind of gross but kind of good too. hahaha 

We are really teaching and working a lot.  We have a new investigator who is a girl here who is 13.  She's awesome!  We are hoping for a baptism Feb 4th!! 


Anyways... missions are hard.  Especially with no bueno health. I have faith that I will overcome these trials, but it is for sure hard sometimes! Thanks everyone for your prayers!  It means so much to me!

Hope all is well! 

Con amor,
Elder Hoole!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Recent Photos

 Special birthday message for Mom!

Sending love to everyone back home while at a member's home

 Eating lunch - there's not much he can eat due to tummy troubles!

 Scripture cover for English scriptures
- a member makes these for each of the missionaries

Scripture cover for Spanish language scriptures

 Two covers side by side

 Helping clean up after lunch!

 A New Year's Eve treat for the missionaries

 It's hot enough to enjoy a cold popsicle while out visiting!

 Amazonas Ward...Elder Hoole on far right

 A breakfast treat at a member's home

 Trying fresh mango and juice

  Maybe Oreos will help his tummy???  

Feliz Anos! ~ January 2, 2017

Happy New Year amigos! 

Well, this week went by fast!  It was hard, but we worked hard and are doing our best!  Somedays I still feel like Helen Keller would make a better missionary than me.  We both wouldn't understand the people but she could at least play the piano during Sacrament Meeting!  haha  No, but all is well with me. The language is coming along and I have improved sooo much. It is very hard to see the improvement but it is there! 

This week we taught a girl who is 13 years old and we invited her to get baptized on the 14th!  I really hope she follows through! We are really working with her!

Our investigator who just got baptized shared his testimony yesterday during church and it was awesome!  He is such a great guy and has such a strong testimony!  What a great example for me!

Well, for the New Year we had to be inside our house at 7 pm on Saturday and Sunday nights so we just chilled and watched 17 Miracles!  We also got a new Zone Leader!  He lives with us and he is from Tennessee and is so dope! His name's Elder Burton.  He is like 6'6 and just towers over everyone here!  It is pretty funny!  He is great.

And...we also got a late Christmas present today!  The missionaries can email for 1 hour now each week!!!! So dope!

Well, I hope all is well back home!  It is hot here lol

If you are thinking of a new goal to set for this year, you could write to Elder Hoole once a month!  So that is just 12 times total hahah! 

Love y'all! Church is true!

con amor 
Elder Hoole

p.s. Yesterday was my 4th Fast Sunday in the mission. THAT WAS FAST!