Monday, July 31, 2017

The Middle of the World

Another great week here in the middle of the world! 

Well, again, none of our investagators came to church... that is always super hard on me... we work hard all week...and...BAM!  Nobody comes haha, but that's ok!  This week will (I hope) be a lot better!  Last week we had a goal to talk to 100 people and yeah, Satan knew that goal and he did everything he could do to make sure that goal didn't get completed. Usually we talk to lots of people while we are riding on the buses and this week, every time we tried to talk to people the bus driver freaked out at us and wouldn't let us talk!  Also, the weather was super rainy this week so not too many people were really out and about!  But we did talk to a good handful and we are working a lot better with the members!  We have some good goals to get people to come to church with us this week.

We did set a new bautismo fecha!!! Se llama Fabian! He's 24 and he's the guy who works in the cyber (computer room) in the street! The goal is 19th of agosto!  We have some good faith that it will go through!  He just needs help to come to church with us at least 1 more time!  

Other than that, I ate a really good hamburger this week and today for p-day we helped move a gringo family into a new house here!  Have to admit, it was super weird to be around English speaking people!  So yeah, all is well here!  Just gotta find some people to teach!  The goal as a district is to have 16 fechas para 13 de agosto!  That's 4 for every companionship!  I know we can do it! 

So yeah, all is well with me here!  Thanks for the love and support and for going on summer trips without me haha! Thanks for the great letters from my family and the Roes!!!  Loved it!!!!

Elder Hoole

P.S. I hit 10 months this week!  

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