Monday, July 24, 2017

Happy Pioneer Day!


Well this week was what I like to call a mas o menos type of week!  A lot of good happened and also a lot of bad happened.. First the good news!  We had Zone Conference this last week and it was awesome! We talked a lot about how we can each individually become more like Christ right now in our lives, so that as we continue to get older our lives will be better and we can rely on Him.  It was an awesome talk and made me think!  I love Presidente Moreno and his family!  I always feel so good after he talks!  So that was super awesome!  Also one of the wards here in Cuenca is just gringos so they threw a party for Pioneer Day and it was so fun!  We had some investagadors go and we watched 17 milagros! Love that movie! (I forgot how to spell milagros en english jajaj) So that had a great turn out, but it was outside and it started to rain, so it kind of killed everything.  However, after that my companion and the Zone Leaders and I bought Mandingos!!! (a 2 foot long hot dog for 2 dollars) and it was so yummy!  jajaja!  

But yeah now the bad...This week was way hard! I got yelled at a lot and nobody came to church! Super sad but I hope this week will be better!  Elder Bolen (our Zone Leader) ended the mission today and it was so sad to say goodbye to him!  haha If you're down in Provo and see an Alex Bolen tell him I say hi!  So yeah that was way sad and also nobody came to church and that is always a huge bummer!  Right now, we don't have too many people to teach. This week our goal is to talk to 100 people!  Yeah, it probs won't happen but if it does I'm buying us all pizza! jaja 

So yeah basically all is well with me right now!  Hopefully this week will be better! 

Gracias por la amor! Les Amo mucho! 

Con Amor 

Elder Hoole

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